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Kyaikhtiyo  ( The Golden Rock )
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Yangon (The Garden City )

In the past 300 years back, Yangon is only a small fishing village called Dagon. +more

Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda

It is believed to be built in BC 400. The height of this pagoda is 114 meters. +more

Highlight Of Myanmar

Yangon And Its Environs

Yangon (The Garden City )

In the past 300 years back, Yangon is only a small fishing village called Dagon. In 1785 King AlaungMinPaya established the third Myanmar empire and changed the name to ‘Yangon’ which means the end of strife. Yangon was the capital of Myanmar till 2005 and it is the largest and most populated city .It has thirteen sea ports which ocean liners can dock.It is also the major import and export sea port.
Yangon has also the largest and the most famous gems market in the world .You can also find European and British style old buildings which were built around 19th century.
Ever green and lush tropical trees cover the entire city.Together with the shady parks and beautiful lakes, Yangon is famous as the Garden City. The most interesting and attractive spots are Shwedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Botataung Pagoda, National museum , Kaba Aye world peace Pagoda, Kandawgyi Park etc.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Approximately 100metres high Shwedagon Pagoda is the most revered and pinnacle for all Myanmar people and it is also a landmark of Myanmar.
It was built at the life time of Buddha in 623 BC, Two men merchant brothers went to India to trade and met Buddha .They offered food and drink and asked something to revere.
Buddha gave them his eight strands of hair relics.Two merchant brothers came back to Myanmar gave the hair relics to King Okkalapa. The king enshrined the hair relics together with the three senior Buddhas’ relics the walking stick ,the water filter and the bathing robe.
The bottom part of the pagoda was gilded with thin gold leaves. From the bell shape brim to the top was fixed with gold plates. All the gold weighs 7.3 metric tons and other precious gems are on the golden orb which is 27 cm in diameter and on the weather vane shape or bird’s wing shape studded with 7000 pieces of diamonds,jades , rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls. On the tip of the golden orb is the largest diamond which measures 76 carets. There are 3,154 golden bells and 525 silver bells fixed on the sacred umbrella. Shwe Dagon Pagoda is not only for the religious site but also the place where one can observe Myanmar architecture and arts and crafts.

World Peace Pagoda

Although it is not so significant and not so revered one it has an important role in Buddhism.It was built in 1952 and it is about 100 ft high. There is a silver Buddha statue which weighs 543kg.There are relics of two arahats in front of the Buddha statue placed at left and right. Near the World Peace Pagoda, there is a man made cave called Mahapasana Cave where the Buddhist Synods were held for twice.

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

This Pagoda has an image of a reclining Buddha , 216ft in length and it is the third largest reclining Buddha in Myanmar. One significant thing is that, the eyes of this Buddha are made of glass and look like real human eyes. Chauk Htat Gyi reclining Buddha is the most elegant reclining Buddha image in the world.


National Museum

This museum is worthwhile its visit.The Museum is a 5 storeyed building with 13 show rooms. There are historical and cultural heritages displayed systematically and preserved scientifically. You can also see all the major ethenic groups with their tribal costumes and their daily utensils.The most intriguing thing for the visitors is the lion throne which was used by the second last king of Myanmar, king Mindon and the last king Thibaw the son of king Mindon.

Bago (a) Hanthawaddy

Bago is one of the ancient cities and also the famous capital of the second Myanmar empire established by king Bayintnaung.King Bayintnaung built the most richest and magnificent “Kanbawza Thadi Palace” in Bago. Thus it becomes one of the most ancient cities of grandure and glory like the other historical buildings and sites.The great grand “ Kanbawza Thadi Palace ”was also destroyed during the war of the monarchs.Bago was also a famous sea port flourishing in trade with foreign countries including Europeans.


Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda

It is believed to be built in BC 400. The height of this pagoda is 114 meters and it claims the highest pagoda all over the world.


Shwe Thahlyaung Reclining Image

It was built by king Migadhipa in AD 994 and it is 55 meters in length. As it was built long long time ago back to the historical period, people found it back in 1881 which was hidden among the trees and bushes. It is the most crowded place by devotees and pilgrimage.


Kyaik Pun Pagoda

Kyaik means pagoda and Pun means four in Mon dialect. The four big Buddha images are placed back to back facing the cardinal points. It is believed to the built in 1476 by four daughters of king Dhamma Zedi.

HinThagone Pagoda

The most popular legendary of o started at Hinthagone Pagoda. In the time immemorial, Bago area was under the sea. One day Hintha couple were flying over the vast sea and tried to rest on a tiny patch of land emerging from the sea. The patch of land was too small for the two birds to rest at the same time. So the female bird had to perch on the male’s back. Later the whole area become Bago and the tiny patch become a hillock known as Hinthagone.You can find the figures of two Hintha birds , the female perching on the back of the male one. Consequently, it has been generally assumed in Myanmar that the ladies of Bago dominate their husbands.

Kyaikhteeyoe Pagoda ( The Golden Rock )

Kyaikhteeyoe Pagoda is a marvelous one as it is standing on a boulder which is hanging on a cliff. It seems to be defying against the force of gravity. If the strong wind blows it shakes. If you give a push it also shakes.Kyaikhteeyoe is the Mon tribe dialect which means the pagoda that stands on the head of a hermit. According to the legend, the king of the celestial (King of the angels) found a boulder from the sea bed which shaped like the hermit’s head and placed it on the edge of the cliff. The hermit enshrining three strands of Hair-relic built a small stupa on the boulder. A visit to Kyaikhteeyoe will give you a pleasant mountain climbing experience and having beautiful scenic spots.

Mandalay and its Environs


King Mindon the second last king of Myanmar who ascended the throne in 1853 moved the capital to Mandalay in 1857 building a new city called “Yadanabon” which means a heap of treasure. Now Mandalay is the second largest city with 2 million populations. It is the centre point of all traders in Myanmar and also flourished with cultural heritages. You can enjoy both ancient and modern culture in Mandalay.


Yadanabon Palace

King Mindon built the new city “Yadanabon” in 1857 and completed in 1862 and moved his new palace to the new city. The city walls are in the square shape measuring 3.6 km in each side. The height of the city walls are 7.9 meters. Around the city wall is the city moat, 60 meters wide and 3 meters deep in each side. The new palace was called “Mya Nan San Kyaw ” and it has 144 buildings in it.
In December 1885 , Myanmar was annexed by British troops and became the colonial of British Empire. As a result all the precious items including royal regalia and the lion throne were taken away by British troops. In the second world war, the British bombed and destroyed the entire palace.

Mahamuni Pagoda

Mahamyatmuni is one of the most venerated and famous Buddha image in Myanmar as well as abroad. It is as famous as Shwedagon because it was made in 544 BC by King Sanda Thuria with the approval of Buddha. The image of Buddha is made of 5 metals alloyed, that is exactly the same size to the Buddha in every details.


U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge is 1.2 km long and it was built in 1849. The whole bridge is made of teak wood and it is built a cross Taung Thaman Lake. It is a unique bridge which is built without a single nail.


Kuthodaw Pagoda (The largest Book of the world)

In 1869 AD King Mindon invited over 5,000 learned monks all around Myanmar and held the 5th Buddhist Synod. The monks revised and checked Tri Paitakas (Buddhist scripture) to make corrections in case if someone makes mistake in practicing Buddhism. Then to keep the scriptures last long the king made it engraved on the marble stone slabs. Altogether there are 729 stone slabs to complete the tri-Paitakas. To keep away from the sun and rain, the king built one small pagoda for each stone slab. Among the small pagodas sheltering 729 stone slabs of Tri-Paitakes, Kuthodaw Pagoda was built by King Mindon. The stone inscriptions of Kuthodaw are now world’s famous as the largest book in the world. It is also a unique place and symbol for all the Buddhist.

Shwe Nandaw Temple

Shwe Nandaw Temple is the architectural works of the late konebaung dynasty. The whole building is built with teak wood and looks very elegant and artistic. It is originally the palace of King Mindon the second last king of Myanmar. It had been donated to the monks to use as a monastery.


Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Hill is 236 ft above sea level and it has a bird’s eye view for the sunset, Mandalay city and its surrounding landscapes.


Pyin – Oo – Lwin

The hill resort Pyin- Oo- Lwin nestles on a plateau about 3,500 ft high,43 miles to the east of Mandalay. It is surrounded by tree-clad low mountain ranges. The climate of Pyin- Oo- Lwin is so fine that the town was designated as the summer seat of government during the British rule of Myanmar. It chief attractions besides the cool climate are the royal lake where flowers are blooming at all times and the botanical garden adjoining it. There are other places of interest in the vicinity of the town, such as Pwe Kauk waterfalls and PeikChinMyaung Cave.



Sagaing is also an ancient city of Myanmar flourished with Buddhism. Sagaing mountain range has 37 peaks of small hillocks, teeming with religious edifices and pagodas. There are about 6,000 monasteries, nunneries and meditation centers.



The significance of Mingun are Pahtodawgyi, Myatheindan Pagoda and Mingun bell.Mingun bell weighs 90 tons , second largest bell and the world’s largest tolling bell at present because the world’s largest Moscow bell is a cracked bell and has no music.


Bagan was the capital of the first Myanmar Empire that flourished from the 11th to the 13th century AD. It enjoys world wide renown for the ancient pagodas and other religious buildings around it. The buildings constitute one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Shwezigon Pagoda

Shwezigon Pagoda was built by king Anawrahta in 1059 AD and was completed in 1090 by king Kyansitha. It took 31 years for completion. The height of the Pagoda is 40 meters. The holy tooth, collar bone and frontlet relics of the Buddha are enshrined in its relic chamber.


Ananda Pagoda

Ananda was built by King Kyansitha and arguably the most beautiful of all the pagodas in Bagan. Ananda is felicitous and harmonious blending of the best Myanmar, Mon and Indian architectural styles of those days. The architectural arrangement that allows light to get into the inner recesses of the Ananda Pagoda has remained a marvel to this day. Htee –Lo –Min –Lo, Thudbyinyu and Dhamayangyi temples are the pagodas that can approach Ananda in beauty, grandeur and sophistication.


Inlay Lake

The Inlay Lake is one of the chief tourist attractions of North-East Myanmar. It is the second largest lake in Myanmar. It lies over 2900 ft above sea level and is surrounded by mountains. It is 17 miles in length and 7 miles in width. There are several villages around the lake and they call themselves “Intha.” Leg rowing is the most famous and unique feature of Inlay . There are also floating plantations, floating market, famous hand-loom industry, fishing Inlay style, black smith and silver smith which yield the special attraction to the visitors.


Beaches in Myanmar

The beautiful beaches of Myanmar will sweep away your cares and worries of the humdrum city life. The famous beaches with deep blue waters and white sands are NgaPali, Chaung Thar , Ngwe Saung and Kanntharyar.


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